Our History

I am a licensed tradie with 5 years experience in the fencing and concreting industry.  I have always been a capable handyman and have completed a Certificate III in Carpentry in 2015.

In 2015, my dad started a partnership with myself and my brothers contracting and subcontracting projects in earthwork preparation, retaining walls, fencing and concreting.

In 2019, I decided to challenge myself and start my own business.  Like my father who started his business to pass on his trade to his sons, I am doing the same, to pass on my own legacy to my children.  T.I. is a small South Australian managed business with family the core of our values – my family, my employees family and your family.

I am looking forward to being more involved in meeting moms and dads who have just built their family home; the growing family who is renovating, the pops and nans who have just down sized or the property investor who is growing his portfolio.

We are small, but we pack a punch.  Our size allows us to deliver a more personal and customized service according to your needs from start to finish.



Yours truly,

Ian Apolonio